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What our customers say

Love these boxes

“I love this idea… how pretty the boxes are and it feels luxurious” On the Huda box: “Wow what a giftbox by @luxurygiftboxco – totally love this!”

Highly recommended!

“Highly recommend @luxurygiftboxco – an amazing service delivered by a superb team!”

Cool brand!

“I really like the brand, I think it’s really cool! I just love the way you’ve done it… the Huda box is SO nice”

Bridesmaid boxes

“I wanted to get some nice gifts for my bridesmaids and thought about making my own little hamper or giftbox. I realised ordering each individual thing for the boxes would be so tedious and time-consuming...I’m so happy with them! They managed to get biscuits personalised last minute and they came really quickly! Not to mention how professional the boxes and packaging was, there was so much attention to detail, even in the beautiful nametags attached!”

Our mission

Welcome to The Luxury Giftbox Company! We are an artisan gifting service with one goal in mind: luxury gifting made easy.

What we do

Specializing in bespoke gifting services, we work with our clients to create the perfect Giftbox, for any occasion. Whether it’s a new job, new baby, cultural event, or corporate gifting services to reward your team, we design and curate the perfect Giftbox. After all, gifting should be as special for the gifter as it is for the recipient.

We also create pre-curated Giftboxes, finished with our elegant personal touches, including box personalisation and artwork. We pride ourselves on using branded products, creating the ultimate luxury gift, tailored to all your wishes.

Our story

Our founder, Komal, wanted to gift her best friend’s sister the perfect hamper for the birth of her baby boy. But as a busy doctor, Komal struggled to find a hamper online with everything she had in mind. The little socks for those tiny feet, baby grows, and treats for mum.

Komal recognised the need for a bespoke gifting service after realising there were no such packages available online. She also recognised there wasn’t a Giftbox which offered luxury brands with artisan gifting. These days, everyone leads very busy lives and still want the best for their loved ones.

She began exploring the creative side of curating, designing artwork and bespoke boxes for potential clients. She then floated the idea by her brother and co-founder, Mohit, who was experienced in technology, business and finance. Together, they formed the ultimate brother-sister team! They worked together to source designer products, create luxury Giftboxes and provide a service to clients who love to gift but lead busy lives!