When Ricco Events first approached us for their Bridal Trunk Show, at Ditton Manor, Slough, we were so excited to be a part of it all!

Prepping for the big day

It was our first big event and we had 3 weeks to prepare. After many late nights and a LOT of coffee, we finished designing our 7 stunning pre-curated boxes; 5 for her and 2 for him.

We worked with brands and products we love ourselves and would love to be gifted. After all, happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give. After designing and curating, we then built, boxed and packaged.

With guidance from Ricco Events, we then focused on all the other little things; flowers for the table, sweet treats for our clients, and most importantly, our gift box personalisation. We hand design all our artwork to fit perfectly inside our curated boxes so it is the perfect finishing touch.

Before we knew it, the big day was here. 3 weeks had flown by and we were ready to showcase.

As the clients arrived, we started explaining what we do and how it works, and had hugely positive feedback and lots of words of encouragement.

23 November 2019 – It’s finally here!

When we arrived at Ditton Manor, all the other showcasing brands were so welcoming! We met the lovely team at Apple & Orchid, whose flamboyant silk flower arrangements were both stunning and elegant.

As we walked through the beautiful rooms of Ditton Manor, we met with likes of Red Dot Jewels, Chai.Ldn, Creme Glacee, Frontier Raas, Bombay Hair and Delilahs Dressing Room, who were all extremely lovely, and provided some incredible nuggets of knowledge that we will definitely use in our work moving forward.

Adarci Luxury Skincare and Shenena Sethi were stationed next to us, and provided us with great insight into the world of showcasing and what to expect. Maharajah London were the saviours for us all, providing us with delicious chaat and piping hot chai (definitely needed as it was quite chilly!), as well as Azure Bar & Events, keeping us hydrated with their tasty mocktails. We watched the beautiful Iamgigiii at work, showcasing her talents, and met with the incredible Jatinder Grewal who was so lovely, humble and encouraging of our brand.

Good vibes, great feedback

As the clients arrived, we started explaining what we do and how it works, and had hugely positive feedback and lots of words of encouragement. We met with some lovely people, all prepping for their big day, and we look forward to working with many of them. We also chatted with the beautiful Anjli’s Look Book about our brand, products and services, and are excited to read her reviews and thoughts. Overall, we had an incredible day – a big thanks to Ricco, all the vendors and clients, and can’t wait to be part of the next one already!

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